Screening for Anime Class

I remember we were supposed to give suggestions on what the screening should be for the Anime class.

The other day, I stumbled onto a page listing Ten anime films you should see before you die.

As such, I believe we should screen one of those films (my personal pick leans towards either Ghost in the Shell or Akira).

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  1. Samantha Marchello Says:

    The only ones on that list I haven’t seen are “The Girl Who Lept Through Time” and “Memories”. Everything else I’ve seen and for the most part I think is fantastic. “Akira” is a great post-apocalyptic film that discusses the jaded youth culture in Japan. “Ghost in a Shell” is just plain awesome, and I loved “Voices of a Distant Star” but that movie is such a tear-jerker. I’d probably cry in the middle of class just because it’s such a beautiful and sad movie… though it’s probably a tad too short for our class.

    If I vote for anything, I’d love to see either “Akira” again, “The Girl Who Lept Through Time” or “Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise”. But to be honest, I really don’t care what we watch because I’m just excited regardless.

    I look forward to anime day, it’s going to be a lot of fun and I think it’s the best way to end our course together as a group. :)

  2. Paul Says:

    it seems Akira is on a lot of top anime movie lists that I’ve looked at. I with Samantha on this one, I don’t care what we watch as well and a great way to end the class. I’ve had a good experience so far with Japanese Cinema and looking forward to the last day!

  3. Jason Kiang Says:

    First of all, I’m surprised to not see Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away on that list of 10 films lol, having explosive box office returns being second to only Titanic lol. That doesn’t determine its value, but those two films definitely had strong narratives and messages on culture and mankind.
    I believe we shouldn’t watch a film too mainstreamed, especially Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, pretty much any film that has been “Hollywoodized” as I would like to call it. Any of those films that were redubbed into English for American viewing I’m sure most of us has seen. It be neat to watch a recent anime film though, show the latest of its works =D. But really, that is my suggestion, any film would be good for me though.

  4. Jason Kiang Says:

    Oops forgot to give a suggestion… lol.. If I were to choose a film from that list of ten, I’d go for The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006), that looks rather interesting and well drawn. The drawing looks very beautiful and detailed =D.

  5. Peace Park Says:

    Akira and ghost in the shell are good movies, but I don’t think we would be watching ghost in the shell because Sharon screened it in Film history last year. I actually would like to watch something more cheery, happy, and cute on the last day of class to end things on a bright note. lol. Personally, I was wanting to see “The girl who leapt through time” and “5cm per second”. I heard that they were both really good.

  6. Marshall Lau Says:

    I’d pick Akira over Ghost In The Shell. I personally like Ghost In The Shell 2 much more than the first.

    Perfect Blue is something I really want to see. But anything is fine.

  7. Samantha Marchello Says:

    I agree with Peace, I think something fun, flighty and cheerful would be fantastic to watch, so I think my vote is going to go to “The Girl Who Lept Through Time” just because it has me very curious. :)

  8. Margarita Martinez Says:

    I’ve always wanted to see Spirited Away…it sounds like a very cute and fun movie. Plus it got 8.5/10 on imdb and thats pretty hard to get =)

  9. Kent Dela Pena Says:

    I’m fine with any suggestion.

    One I didn’t see on the list that I would suggest is “Grave of the Fireflies”. It’s considered to be one of the most powerful anti-war films made. This was also a film revered by Roger Ebert. When the film was released, they showed “My Neighbor Totoro” right after it because the film was so depressing. Okay, if we’re going to end the course on a good note, maybe we shouldn’t watch it. It’s a movie I suggest watching in the future.

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