York University

Department of Philosophy, Atkinson


AS PHIL 2130 3.0 W

Winter 2009

Introduction to Philosophy of Art & Literature

Course Schedule



Course Requirements:


**Students are expected to attend class regularly & to prepare all the reading assignments.**

Small group discussion work = 15%


mid-term test (Monday, April 13th) = 20%


short essay (5-6 pages) (Due: Monday, May 4th) = 25%


final exam (scheduled during the exam period) = 40%



Short Essay:

The essay must be written on the assigned topic(s) only. It must conform to the specified length restrictions: materials in excess of the specified length will not be read or graded. Late essays will be penalized 5% per day they are late. There will be no exceptions.


Mid-term Test:

This will be a 60 min. test which will consist of one or two short answer questions.


Final Exam:

This will be a comprehensive exam -- covering all of the course. It will be a combination short answer questions and essay questions.


Small Group Discussion Work:

Students will be divided into small groups of five students for discussion purposes & should expect that any class may require them to break into small groups to work on discussion questions. On 4 occasions, as indicated on the course schedule, write-ups of 3 of these discussion questions must be handed in, each will be worth 5%.

These write-ups are NOT to exceed 4 pages in length, type-written and double-spaced. Each is due one week after the group discussion exercise unless otherwise indicated on the course schedule. The last day to hand in these discussion write-ups will be the last day of classes, Wednesday, May 20th.





Thomas E. Wartenberg, The Nature of Art, Second Edition. (Toronto: Wadsworth, 2006).**


Course kit available from York University Bookstore


** Copies of these texts have been ordered through the York University Bookstore and are available on reserve in the York Library.