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Assignment 20 - York Moodle Site

To be completed by students with surnames A to K inclusive

Officially Posted  Thursday - March 17, 2016

Submission Deadline Thursday - March 24, 2016

You will see some of these questions again on the examinations!


All assignments should be emailed to me at in the following manner:

Name your assignment in the Subject line of your email as follows:

 NATS1760C-Surname-GivenName-ANumber  [-  Note no spaces]

Name your email Attachment:

 NATS1760C-Surname-GivenName-ANumber.pdf  [-  Note no spaces]

So if you are Jane Smith enrolled in SC/NATS 1760C this assignment to me would look like this:

Subject: NATS1760C-Smith-Jane-A20

 Attachment: NATS1760C-Smith-Jane-A20.pdf

Make sure there are no spaces in either the attachment or the Subject. Make sure you use "dashes" not "underscores" as the latter mess up my sorting.

How do I want you to present your material to me? As a guide use the Simplified Assignment Template.

Assignment #20:

Please answer Question #1 and ONE of 2,3,4,5,6 or 7 [a total of TWO questions]

Must do:

1. (a)  "
The Internet is, by most scientific estimates, friggin' huge."

1. (b)  In the study conducted in 2008 and published in December of 2009 there were 8 major activities that allowed information to reach humans. List those 8 activities and show approximately how much time was spent on each activity by americans daily. Use a Table here and leave one column empty to add the estimates you will make in 1 (c) below.

Activities Approximate time spent / day
in hours  [2008]
Approximate time spent / day
in hours  [2016]
Watching Television 4.9 5.1 []

1. (c)  Estimate how  the 2008 times might have changed in 2016. Provide at least two sources to back up your estimates.

2. The percentage of printed material we read has decreased steadily from 1960 to 1980 to 2010. Yet we are reading more than ever before. Explain why this is so.


3.  What is information overload? How can you cope with information overload?


 4.  Social media seems to be providing more and more information to the connected consumer. What is meant by the term "Social Media"?  Give 5 examples of information we obtain through social media.

5. Explain what David Weinberger means when he refers to first, second and third orders of order. How has the third order of "information as a commodity" been exploited by business [Consult references on BIG DATA]? Finally list three "Big Ideas" you got from the book or video.
[6.]   Watch the youtube video - Did You Know - Shift Happens and answer the question "So what does it all mean?" You may choose any other "Did you know" video that strikes your fancy - just be sure you give me the url so that I can evaluate your answer.  You could also base your answer on the shift in use of social media [] Just remember this video was posted 5 years ago - a lifetime in the past when considering social media.
  "Annual global IP traffic will pass the zettabyte (1000 exabytes) threshold by the end of 2016, and will reach 2 zettabytes per year by 2019."  [] Explain what is meant by that statement.

You will see some of these questions again on the examinations.  Optional -  Attach one or more of your favourite cartoons, websites, videos, sayings, ideas, to your next few assignments.

Cite the Uniform Resource Locators (URLs or web-links) you used to substantiate your assertion. YOU NEED A MINIMUM OF THREE DIFFERENT CITATIONS TAKEN FROM DIFFERENT WEBSITES - NOT DIFFERENT PAGES FROM THE SAME WEBSITE. It is important to show where you found the information you are presenting. You must give credit where it is due. If you do not give credit it is plagiarism, if you do give credit it is research. Even if you use websites that I have provided you need to cite them. If you do not cite references, you will receive a failing grade on your assignment no matter how brilliantly presented it may be! If you use other sources in your answers, such as books, periodicals or journals, magazines, encyclopaedias, scientists, friends or any other sources, be sure to list those in your citations.

This assignment should be about one double spaced typed page, or approximately 300 words. If it is a bit longer or shorter that's OK. Pictures and other media may be included in the submission and will not be counted in page length or word count. Make sure you cite the references from which you took your ideas.  References ideally should be URL's on which I can click to check your source. Citations will not be counted in page length or word count. If you want feedback - include your email.

Email or phone me with urgent matters.