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Phase Two - Glendon Hall (1961)

York University's Second Home

Phase Two (1961-1965)

Glendon Hall and Dr. Murray Ross Standing in front of Glendon Hall September 15, 1961

2275 Bayview Avenue

Glendon Hall was the name the Wood family gave their estate and family home located on the west branch of the Don River. Originally a suburban, country estate with a landmark manor house and 84 acres of breathtaking gardens, parklands and natural areas, the now Glendon College, continues to stand tall, despite serving a different purpose. Edward Rogers Wood (1866-1941) and Agnes Euphemia Smart (1868-1950) spent thirty-five years in Toronto before moving to Glendon Hall. Beginning in 1920, the Wood family underwent a four-year process of acquiring, laying out, building and eventually moving into Glendon Hall. It was only after Agnes Euphemia had passed away in 1950, that it was discovered that she and her husband had surpassed their long record of generosity and support to a host of institutions with a final grand gesture -- leaving their estate to the University of Toronto. Later in 1959, with provincial backing, the University of Toronto's board offered to turn over the Glendon estate to York University's new Board of Governors. Taking effect from 1961, what is now known as Glendon College became the home of York's distinctive liberal arts college.


Classes - including Psychology - moved to Glendon Hall on Bayview Avenue. Dr. Norman Endler (1998) states, "...the entire Psychology Department equipment (a stocks desk calculator, a plastic brain, and psychological tests) were moved via station wagon."

New faculty appointments occurred in the following departments at Glendon: Chemistry (new department), Economics (new department), English, French, History, Political Science, Russian (new department), Spanish (new department), and of course psychology.


Psychology - Dr. Vello Sermat B.A. (Toronto), M.A. (Yale), PhD (Yale, 1962)
Began as a Lecturer in 1961-62 and becomes Assistant Professor from 1962-1963.
Sermat resigns in 1963.

1962-1963 - York University Teaching Faculty:

New faculty appointments occurred in the following departments: Biology, Economics, English, Geography, History, Humanities (new department), Mathematics, Modern Languages (new department), Philosophy, Political Science, Social Science, Sociology, and of course Psychology and Psychological Services Established.

1963-1964 - York University Teaching Faculty

New faculty appointments occurred in the following departments: Economics, English, Geography, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences (new department), Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, and Psychology and Psychological Services.


Psychological Services:

1964-1965 - York University Teaching Faculty - Psychology

New faculty appointments occurred in all departments and a department of Physics was established. Four new members were hired for the Psychology Department:


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