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Phase One - Falconer Hall (1960-1961)

York University's First Home at The University of Toronto

Phase One of York University (1960-1961): Falconer Hall - University of Toronto Campus

Falconer Hall was named after Robert Falconer who was President of the University of Toronto from 1907

to 1932. It was located at 86 Queens Park Crescent, Toronto, Ontario and became the Future site of McLaughlin Planetarium.

On September 15 and 16 of 1960, the first York students registered. York University classes began at Falconer

Hall on September 21, 1960. Of the 76 students registered, 56 of them took Introductory Psychology.

For the 1960-1961 year - The first hires occurred for the University and the following departments were


Professor Edgar W. McInnis (History)
Professor I.R. Pounder (Mathematics)
Professor John R. Seeley (Sociology)
Dr. Alice W. Turner (Mathematics)
Professor George Tatham (Geography)
Mr. Lionel Rubinoff (Philosophy)
Professor Richard J. Coughlin (Sociology)
Professor Hugh N. Maclean (English)
Professor Lester J. Pronger (French)
Professor David Fowle (Biology)
Professor D. G. Lochhead (English)
Mr. Denis Smith (Political Science)
Dr Norman S. Endler (Psychology) - B.Sc., M.S. (McGill), PhD (Illinois) - Endler becomes a Research Associate and Lecturer in the Department of Psychology.

Click here to read the Globe and Mail article - March 26, 1960 - on the hiring of new faculty for York University.


Falconer Hall

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