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Neil Agnew PhD

Sandra Pyke PhD

The Science Game

First Published in 1969, The Science Game: An Introduction to Research in the Behavioral Sciences, has gone through Seven Editions. 

7 editions published between 1969 and 1994 in English and held by 889 libraries worldwide.

Using quirky and sometimes irreverent examples to provide an overview of social science methodology, this new edition of the popular text has been substantially revised to include an in-depth consideration of current hot topics in the constantly evolving field of scientific research, including the trend away from "hard" (quantitative) research to "soft" (qualitative) research, advances in computerized analysis of statistical data, and the increasing focus on the cultural context of research.

At York BF 76.5 A36 1994

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David Bakan, PhD

Sigmund Freud and the Jewish Mystical Tradition


20 editions published between 1958 and 2004 in 5 languages and held by 983 libraries worldwide

"The purpose of this essay is to explore an hypothesis concerning the intellectual antecedents of Freudian psychoanalysis. The hypothesis of this essay is that a full appreciation of the development of psychoanalysis is essentially incomplete unless it be viewed against the history of Judaism, and particularly against the history of Jewish mystical thought. This does not mean that we will be able to read psychoanalytic propositions directly out of Jewish mystical expressions. Our point is rather that Freud's repeated affirmation of his Jewish identity had greater significance for the development of psychoanalysis than is usually recognized."

At York BF 173 F85 B23 1975

At York french version BF 173 F85 B233 1977

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The Duality of Human Existence

1 edition published in 1966 in English and held by 190 libraries worldwide.

"An essay on the problem of ultimate concern i.e on that which determines our being or not being."

At York BL 53 B29 1971

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David Bakan On Method

8 editions published between 1967 and 1994 in English and Undetermined and held by 773 libraries worldwide

BF 38.5 B26

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Disease, Pain, & Sacrifice

3 editions published between 1968 and 1971 in English and held by 1,088 libraries worldwide

"An examination of suffering and its biological, psychological, and existential aspects."

BF 789 S8 B3 1971

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Mensch im Zwiespalt


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Slaughter of the Innocents

9 editions published between 1971 and 1988 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,163 libraries worldwide

HV 713 B33 1971

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And they Took Themselves Wives

2 editions published in 1979 in English and held by 493 libraries worldwide

HQ 756 B34 1979

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Maimonides on Prophecy

4 editions published between 1991 and 1994 in English and Undetermined and held by 143 libraries worldwide

BM 545 D35 B25 1991

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Norman Endler PhD



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