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Recruitment and employment equity
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What is Employment Equity?

Employment Equity is an ongoing planning process used by an employer to:

Identify and eliminate barriers in an organization's employment procedures and policies
Put into place positive policies and practices to ensure that the effects of systemic barriers are eliminated
Ensure appropriate representation of "designated group" members throughout their workforce.

The goals of Employment Equity are to:

Eliminate employment barriers for the four designated groups identified in the Employment Equity Act: women, persons with disabilities, Aboriginal people, members of visible minorities
Remedy past discrimination in employment opportunities and prevent future barriers
Improve access and representation throughout all occupations and at all levels for members of the four designated groups
Foster a climate of equity within the organization.

York University’s Commitment to Employment Equity

York University is committed to equity in employment. This commitment reflects both the principles that guided the establishment of the University and the strategies that we have adopted to achieve them. As described in the York University Act of 1965, the University's mission includes "the advancement of learning," and the "development of its members and the betterment of society."
In the University's Academic Plan the pursuit of social justice is seen to serve the cause of excellence. The University's "role in the cultivation and dissemination of values," the Plan states, is reflected both in what is taught in the classroom, and in the University's institutional practices. The University places its commitment to employment equity within the context of its commitment to equity in the York community as a whole.

York also has a policy for YusApuY and CPM external recruitment to increase the workforce representation of designated groups (Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, and women) at the University. The policy states:

“Where the two most qualified candidates are relatively equally qualified and one of the candidates is a member of a relevant designated group, the position shall first be offered to the candidate from that designated group.”

Recognizing the benefits of a diverse community and confirming our commitment to Employment Equity, we encourage applicants to self-identify when they apply for positions that are posted externally.



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