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Employer Provided Benefits


Health, Dental and Vision coverage
Pension Plan
Sun Life Benefit Information
P&B Times

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Sun Life Benefits

Sun Life booklets include all benefits currently with this provider for your affiliation. You may not be entitled to all the benefits outlined in the booklet (i.e. life insurance) so please refer to your letter of offer to determine your benefit eligibility.

CPM - Active (PDF) and Retiree (PDF)
CUPE 1356 - Active and Reitree (PDF)
CUPE 1356-1 - Active and Retiree (PDF)
CUPE 3903 - Unit 1, 2, 3 (PDF)
CUPE 3903 - Unit 2 Retiree booklet (PDF)
IUOE - Activ and Retiree (PDF)
Osgoode - Active (PDF) and Retiree (PDF)
Post Doctoral Post Sept 2014 (PDF)
Post Doctoral Pre Sept 2014 (PDF)
Research Assistants hired on or after Sept. 2014 (PDF)
Research Assistants hired prior to Sept. 1, 2014 (PDF)
Research Associates hired on or after Sept. 2014 (PDF)
Research Associates hired prior to Sept. 1, 2014 (PDF)
YUFA - Active and Retiree (PDF)
YUSA - Active (PDF) and Retiree (PDF)
YUSA - Part-time (PDF)

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Pension Plan

Pension Plan Text (PDF)
Pension Plan Booklet (PDF)
Pension Newsletters
York University Retirement Planner
CUPE 3903 Unit 1 and 2 Pension Eligibility (PDF)
2014 Pension Statement FAQ (PDF)

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Academic Notice of Retirement (PDF)
Benefit Enrolment and Change form (PDF)
CUPE 3903 Benefit Enrolment form (PDF)
Life Insurance and VADD Enrolment & Beneficiary form (PDF)
Pension Declaration of Marital Status and Beneficiary Designation form (PDF)
Sun Life Dental Claim (PDF)
Sun Life Dental Claim Form for Health Care Spending Account (PDF)
Sun Life Health Claim (PDF)
Sun Life Health Claim Form for Health Care Spending Account (PDF)
Tuition Fee Waiver form (PDF)
Vision Care Enrolment Form family coverage (PDF)
Waiver of Pre-Retirement Death Benefit (PDF)

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Sun Life Benefit Updates

Discover Your Benefits with Sun Life
Internet and Telephone Service with Sun Life
Claims for Custom-made Orthotics

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P&B Times

Please click here for a list of available P&B Times available for download.

P&B Times - Issue 1
P&B Times - Issue 2
P&B Times - Issue 3
P&B Times - Issue 4
P&B Times - Issue 5
P&B Times - Issue 6
P&B Times - Issue 7
P&B Times - Issue 8
P&B Times - Issue 9
P&B Times - Issue 10
P&B Times - Issue 11
P&B Times - Issue 12
P&B Times - Issue 13
P&B Times - Issue 14
P&B Times - Issue 15
P&B Times - Issue 16
P&B Times - Issue 17
P&B Times - Issue 18
P&B Times - Issue 19
P&B Times - Issue 20
P&B Times - Issue 21
P&B Times - Issue 22
P&B Times - Issue 23
P&B Times - Issue 24
P&B Times - Issue 25
P&B Times - Issue 26
P&B Times - Issue 27
P&B Times - Issue 28
P&B Times - Issue 29
P&B Times - Issue 30
P&B Times - Issue 31
P&B Times - Issue 32
P&B Times - Issue 33
P&B Times - Issue 34
P&B Times - Issue 35

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To contact the Pension & Benefits office please dial 416-736-2100 extension 27572 or email



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