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Access and Security

HR Self Serve is available from within York's Network or externally with additional VPN software. You will need your Employee Passport York credentials (PY). If you don't have one or you are having problems with your PY, please contact

Accessing HR Self Serve from Off Campus

Off campus connection to York's Virtual Private Network (York VPN) requires one time installation of Junos Pulse software.

Prior to accessing HR Self Serve:

  1. Ensure you have downloaded and installed Junos Pulse onto your computer - Instructions to download Junos Pulse can be found at:
  2. Log in to Junos Pulse software each time to connect to York VPN prior to logging into HR Self Serve.
  3. Once you are connected to York VPN, please direct your browser to HR Self Serve at
  4. When you complete your HR Self Serve session and log out, you must disconnect from Junos Pulse.

Accessing HR Self Serve On Campus

York network connection or wireless access through AirYorkPlus is required.

Note: VPN installation is not required when connected to York's network.

Privacy Statement

At York University, protecting your privacy and personal information is one of our highest priorities.  Information collected through the HR Self Serve system is protected by the use of a secured, encrypted website and password. To maintain this security, you should regularly change your password and not disclose it to anyone..


By applying for employment with York University employees accept the University’s right to collect pertinent personal information. The information is collected and used to establish an employee’s record for the purpose of administering Payroll, Benefits, and Pension, and is used by the University in the academic and financial administration of its affairs.



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