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Job Evaluation and Compensation Administration

Pay Rates

CUPE 3903 2008-2009 Salary Rates (PDF)
CUPE 3903 2009-2010 Salary Rates (PDF)
CUPE 3903 2010-2011 Salary Rates (PDF)
YUSA Salary Schedule - 2011-2012 (PDF)
YUSA Salary Schedule - 2012-2013 (PDF)
YUSA Salary Schedule - 2013-2014 (PDF)
CUPE 1356 2005-2008 Salary Rates (PDF)
CUPE 1356-1 2005-2008 Salary Rates (PDF)
CUPE 1356-2 2006-2009 Salary Rates (PDF)
YUELI 2006-2009 Salary Rates (PDF)
IUOE 2005-2008 Salary Rates (PDF)

YusApuY Joint Job Evaluation System

YusApuY collective Agreement - Article 14 (PDF)
YusApuY Job Summary Template (DOC)
Significant Change Joint Job Evaluation Process (PDF)
Joint Job Evaluation Appeal Process (PDF)

CPM Job Evaluation and Compensation Program

Compensation Management System Manual (PDF)
Job Information Questionnaire (PDF)
CPM Job Summary Template (DOC)
Salary Ranges 2008-2009 (PDF)
Salary Ranges 2009-2010 (PDF)


DOC files require Microsoft Word.
PDF files require Adobe Reader.
Click here to download  Adobe Acrobat Reader from YorkU - CNS




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