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Orientation and onboarding


All non academic employees will be notified by their Hiring Manager of their scheduled Orientation date.  Orientation will include an overview of the University’s history, program and services.  At this session, you will be set up for payroll and if applicable, enrolled in benefits.

In order to activate your pay and benefits, please complete and bring all Pension and Benefit forms for your affiliation (see links below under “Pension and Benefits Packages”), and the following pieces of information/identification with you to your New Employee Orientation session, to avoid delays in enrollment:

Your Social Insurance Number,
Photocopy of proof of your date of birth (e.g., passport, birth or baptismal certificate, citizenship card),

Your banking information (e.g. void cheque, bank branch address- if not already provided), and;

Names and birth dates of beneficiaries and dependants, if applicable. Dependant(s) will be added to your benefit plan effective the date the necessary proof has been received. 

The following documents will be accepted as proof (please note only one of the following per category is required):

If married: a photocopy of your marriage certificate, or a piece of mail with same address as employee, or proof of joint bank account.
If common law: a photocopy of your driver’s license with same address as employee, or a piece of mail with same address as employee, or proof of joint bank account.
Children: a photocopy of their birth certificate, or baptismal certificate, or a piece of mail with same address as employee.

Orientation sessions are held in 284F York Lanes.

The new one day orientation session will consist of:

Welcome Letter from the President
Corporate Overview Presentation
Pension and Benefits Presentation
Self-Identification Survey (Printable Version)

Onboarding information

Pension and Benefits Packages
Enrolment Package




Learn more about the move to yu link. Attend an info session.

Moving to yu link

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