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Payroll General Topics of Interest

Personal Information Change

Name Change:
If your name has changed or it appears incorrectly on your pay advice, please complete the "Name Change" information request form and submit to Payroll.

Address Change:
If your address has changed or it appears incorrectly on your pay advice, please complete the "Address Change" information request form and submit to Payroll. It is important that the information held by payroll is correct, even if your advices are delivered on campus, since the T4/T4A mailing is sent to the home addresses.

Name and/or Address Change Form (DOC)

Federal and Provincial Tax Credits Change / Extra Tax Request:
If your federal tax credits available has changed since you last filled out the TD1, or if you did not fill out a TD1 and TD ON when you began employment, please complete these forms and submit to Payroll. If you wish to have extra tax taken off of your payments, the "additional tax to be deducted" box on page 1 of the TD1 should be completed (the entire form need not be completed unless it is necessary, as above) and signed and submitted to Payroll.

To obtain more detailed information about this subject, or to download the forms in PDF format, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency website at:

Union Dues

For those within union membership, union dues are deducted every month and are required as per the union agreements. If you notice that union dues are not being deducted, please inform Payroll immediately. This will avoid the inconvenience to you of paying back dues in addition to the regular dues

Paycheque / Deposit Options

There are two basic options available to the employee for form of payment:

  • cheque
  • direct deposit

If an employee is paid by cheque, the cheque will be mailed to the employee (home or campus address chosen by employee) to reach them by the pay date.

If an employee is paid by direct deposit, the deposit will be placed in the employee's bank account on the pay date. If you would like to arrange for direct deposit, or would like to change the bank account listed for the direct deposit, please see the Direct Deposit or the Banking Change section under Forms within this website.

Direct Deposit Request Form (DOC)
Direct Deposit Information Change (DOC)

If a pay date occurs on a statutory holiday or a Saturday, the pay date becomes the day prior. If a pay date occurs on a Sunday, the pay date becomes the following Monday.

Payment Not Deposited into Bank Account:
If your payment does not appear in your bank account on the pay date, contact your payroll administrator. The administrator will check for banking rejects and place an inquiry to the bank. Problems with deposits normally do not occur unless the banking change information, or newly given bank information was given incorrectly. The best solution to avoid this situation is to attach a voided cheque to your bank information change form submitted to payroll.

Lost Cheque

If you have not received an expected cheque, it is imperative that you contact payroll as soon as possible. Once it has been ascertained with payroll that the cheque has been sent out and not received by you, it is necessary to complete the Affidavit for Lost Cheque Form. Once this has been submitted to Payroll, there is a time delay necessary for the stop payment to process through the banking system. Only then can a replacement cheque be issued. Because of this time delay, you should contact payroll immediately so as not to increase the length of time in which the payment is not received. Conversely, this is also the reason that a stop payment request should not be done before you are reasonably sure that the cheque has been lost. Once a stop payment request has been entered to the bank, even if the cheque in question arrives immediately after, it can no longer be cashed.

Affidavit for Lost Cheque Form (DOC)


DOC files require Microsoft Word.




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