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Time managing Support systeM (TMSS)

HR Self Serve Time Reporting Tool (TRT)
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Time Reporting Tool?

  2. Is the TRT directly linked to our login when we first come in, in the morning? If not, what's the purpose of Time Reporting Tool?

  3. Some of us were under the impression that this system was a punch clock.

  4. Does this system eliminate the paper timesheet form we use today?

  5. Will this replace the need for a B2 pay sheet?

  6. When can we realistically expect that the TRT will be implemented for all employees?

  7. Are work-study students included?

  8. Can managers access your personal information, such as your beneficiaries?

  9. What other managers have access to your record? Is it just your direct manager or other managers at York?  Will this affect future hiring decisions by other managers?

  10. What about YUSA members who do not have computers as part of their regular job?

  11. Is there a log of the amount of times an employee logs in and out of the system?

  12. Can managers manipulate the data?

  13. How does a manager delegate when going on vacation?

  14. To whom can a manager delegate?

  15. What if an employee needs less than 1 full day off?

  16. With partial days, how far down does the system breakdown in terms of hours?

  17. Will the system approve a vacation request for August, if by August the employee will have the credits, even if he/she does not currently have enough credits?

  18. Will the system deny the request if by August the employee will not have the credits??  What about sick days?

  19. Is this system real-time? In other words, if an employee requests vacation, and a manager gets the request and approves it by looking at the balance, and then two days later the employee submits another request for vacation, will it show a revised balance based on the approval given two days earlier?

  20. Is anyone prompted to give a rationale for why they are off sick, for example sick for themselves or dependents? Is there a reason required?

  21. Do you log sick time the next day or when you come back to work?

  22. What happens if you wake up in the morning and you can’t report to your regular duties? In our office, we have a reporting line that we are expected to call into.

  23. What happens if you request a day later in the month, and the deadline for the information for the pay period to go over to HR is earlier?

  24. Assume an employee works 21 hours per week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) or 22 hours per week (5.5 hours each day from Tuesday to Friday).   As per “Holiday in Lieu, Article 27.04 YUSA” if a holiday falls on a Monday and Monday is the employee’s regularly scheduled day off, will the system recognize that Monday is in lieu of holiday?

  25. Will the vacation callout be done in this system?

  26. How do YUSA & CUPE 1356 submit vacation requests in the summer (June-August) to account for the partial day on Fridays?

  27. How do I submit more than 1 week’s vacation in the summer (June-August) to account for the partial day on Fridays?

  28. Will the YUSA and CUPE 1356 schedules show the reduced workday on Fridays in the summer (June-August)?

  29. How are meal/travel allowances reported?

  30. What is the Timekeeper role?

  31. When does the Timekeeper model apply?

  32. What is an Exception?

  33. Are Exceptions reported immediately or overnight? If overnight, how will an employee be notified?

  34. What does an employee/manager do if an exception occurs?

  35. Is there feedback to the manager to indicate there is a request pending? Or do you have to log in to the application to see it?

  36. Will there be an opportunity for the manager to view a report to approve the time?

  37. Once we submit our request, and our manager receives the email, do we receive an email back to say it’s been accepted or denied, or do we have to go into the system and check?

  38. If your manager makes a change in the system, is the employee prompted?

  39. Will YUSA supervisors have access to this tool?

  40. Are YUSA Supervisors prompted with an email like the manager is?

  41. Can a YUSA supervisor approve time?

  42. In areas where the supervisors would normally approve time-off requests, can an approval be delegated?

  43. When it comes to vacation requests, currently we do it by seniority.  Is this system intuitive enough to know who’s got the seniority?

  44. Does the tool allow you to modify time entered on your timesheet?

  45. Does the tool allow you to modify/cancel absence requests?

  46. With respect to a manager being able to cancel a request once it has been approved, is there a time limit for how long you have to revoke the request?

  47. When is the Payroll deadline?

  48. Where is the Payroll Schedule online?

  49. Will vacation, sick leave etc. show up on an employee’s pay cheque?

  50. If an employee or manager makes a mistake and the employee doesn't get paid or isn't paid the full amount, will a manual cheque be cut?  

  51. How will the system handle employees with part-time positions whose number of hours worked per month changes and therefore the credits received change depending on the number of hours worked?  E.g. an employee works 24 hrs per week for 10 months and 35 hrs per week for 2 months.

  52. We have employees who have scheduled days of work that change on occasion.  The total number of hours worked is always the same for that week, and only the scheduled days of work change.  E.g. employees normally work Monday through Friday, but during peak periods this changes to Tuesday through Saturday.   How will the system recognize the change in scheduled days of work?

  53. We have part-time employees who work 21 hours per week - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or 22 hours per week - 5.5 hours each day Tuesday through Friday.  How will the system recognize what the scheduled days of work are?

  54. We have employees whose schedules vary, for example it may be 5 hours on Monday, 4 hours on Tuesday, 6 hours on Wednesday, 4 hours on Thursday and 5 hours on Friday [to a total of 24 hrs/week].   How will the system recognize part-time employees who work less than 7 hours per day?  

  55. How will sessional dates be recognized by the system?

  56. If an employee is on a Leave of Absence without Pay for more than 3 months (YUSA Art. 20.04 a), will the system adjust the union seniority date accordingly to ensure vacation credit accumulation at correct time [moving to higher vacation credits at an appropriate time]?  

  57. We have people who do on-call.  Are they now to submit their own time through this? 

  58. There is a plan for an employee portal and I was wondering if it will be incorporated?

  59. Given that a lot of this is based on email to desktop, will this be mobile friendly as well?

  60. We have a computer maintenance management system (Maximo), is this going to be replaced or will it be able to work together with it?

  61. How will staff be learning about the TRT?


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