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Management Coaching
Management coaching is offered in order to enable individual managers to benefit from a focus on specific objectives and to accelerate the accomplishment of those chosen areas. Coaching is linked to encouraging accelerated management development and growth. The approach in coaching is always manager and unit specific.

Leadership and management coaching are often related, and also enable managers/leaders to work in a focused way on developing their leadership skills and competencies. Coaching enables leaders to move day-to-day and longer term strategic issues forward for themselves and their teams more quickly. The approach in coaching is always leader and unit specific.

Staff Support
Staff Support on specific issues can be accomplished through individual or team coaching of staff as identified by managers/leaders in a given area. The topics on the agenda are driven by the identified needs, and are delivered in an engaging and helpful way to accomplish staff coaching and support.

Please send an e-mail to or contact Suzanne Killick at 77563 or



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