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How Do I Request Computer-Based Job Skills Testing?

Please follow the procedure outlined here to request computer-based job skills testing for your candidates. Questions or concerns may be addressed to

  • Review our list of computer-based job skills tests to determine which tests you need.
  • Submit the Testing Requisition Form.
  • Wait for your receipt.
    • Centre staff will send you a receipt by return email as soon as possible.
    • The receipt will include a summary of candidates and which tests they need to write to complete your request.
    • If a candidate has completed a test within the last 12 months, they are not required to rewrite the test. We will attach these reports to the receipt email.
    • Please do not instruct candidates to contact the Centre for Staff Development & Technical Learning prior to receiving your receipt.
  • Advise candidates to schedule a testing appointment.
  • Please let us know if a candidate has withdrawn from the job competition.
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What Happens After the Testing Appointment?

  • You will receive candidates' test reports on the same day they complete their tests. The initial reports that were sent along with the receipt will not be resent.
  • If a candidate cancels, reschedules, or does not appear for their scheduled testing appointment, we will notify you.
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About Deadlines

  • We generally allow a minimum of five full working days for your suggested deadline.
  • Candidates may schedule testing appointments on the deadline date.
  • If there is a concern about accommodating your deadline, we will contact you to discuss the situation as soon as possible.
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About External Candidates

External candidates cannot be guaranteed a testing appointment on the same date as their job interview.
  • If you would like to coordinate testing appointments with interview times, please contact us at as early in the process as possible, and prior to confirming interview times with your candidates. We may be able to reserve appointment times in our calendar in advance.
  • Please do ensure that external candidates are able to attend their testing appointment on time so that they will be able to complete their tests that day.
  • Please do not ask candidates to contact the Centre for Staff Development & Technical Learning prior to receiving your receipt.

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