PPAL 6100 3.0 Section A, January to April, 2013

Course Outline

Class Readings that students have signed up to start the class discussion (4 minutes presentation)

Powerpoint for January 12

Powerpoint for February 9

Audio Files for January 12

     Part I     Part II     Part III     Part IV

Audio Files for February 9

     Part I     (Part II is on the moodle page)

Audio Files for March 9

     Part IV     Part V    (Parts I, II and III are on the moodle page)

Powerpoint for March 9


Opitz v. Wrzesnewskyj


Roncarelli v. Duplessis

Ian Greene, The Charter of Rights, Ch 1 revised (draft)

Ian Greene, The Charter of Rights, Ch 5 revised (draft)

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Supplemental Feb 9

Supplemental Mar 9