PPAL 6120 3.0

Ethics, Privacy and Access to Information


Course Description

This course covers the basic principles of public sector ethics, and shows how the principles behind privacy and access to information legislation are derived from these ethical principles and are related to the basic principles of administrative law.  Codes of ethics and ethics counselors are examined.

Course Directors:  Ian Greene and Soren Frederiksen

Required Texts

Students are required to purchase three texts.  The Greene & Shugarman text is a general overview of the ethics regimes for elected public officials in Canada.  (Public servants need to understand these regimes in order to ensure that the elected officials that are at the top of the hierarchy do not encounter ethics problems because of mistakes of public servants or ministerial-exempt staff.)  The Kernaghan and Langford text is an overview of the principles behind public service ethics and an analysis of their application.  The Mullan text is a readable introduction to administrative law.  In addition, there will be readings on privacy and access to information that will be available to students either in a course kit or on-line.

It is recommended that students read the first two texts prior to the first class, as well as the first eight chapters of the Mullan text.  The texts are now available in the bookstore, and the bookstore link for on-line purchase will be available in a few days.

• Ian Greene & David Shugarman, Honest Politics (Toronto:  Lorimer, 1997)

• Kenneth Kernaghan & John Langford, The Responsible Public Servant (Halifax:  IRPP & IPAC, 2006)

• David Mullan, Administrative Law (Toronto:  Irwin, 2001)

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Course Outline

Sign-up sheet for readings, Tuesday class

Sign-up sheet for readings, Wednesday class


Greene's Powerpoint Presentations:

Powerpoint March 3

Powerpoint March 4

Powerpoint March 10

Powerpoint March 11

Powerpoint March 17

Powerpoint March 18

Powerpoint March 24

Powerpoint March 25

Powerpoint March 31

Powerpoint April 1

Powerpoint April 7

Powerpoint April 8

Student Powerpoint Presentations

Mete Yorgan March 24

Victoria Pezzo March 24

Wendy Law April 1

Judith Fiagbey April 1

Erica Henry Jackman April 1

Dennis Governor April 7

Minh Tran April 7

Bergit Heilig April 7

Heddy Cordova April 8

Diana Morris April 8


Supplemental course materials:

Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service (Canada)

Values and Ethics Code for the Ontario Public Service


Conflict of Interest Act (government of Canada)

Public Service Integrity Officer (Canada)

Ontario Integrity Commissioner

2003 November Report of the Auditor General of Canada, Chapter 2, Accountability and Ethics in Government

Federal Lobbyist Regulations

Greene & Shugarman, “Commission of Inquiry into the Sponsorship Program and Advertising Activities, phase I Report and Phase II Report.”  49 (2) Canadian Public Administration (Summer 2006), 220-232

B. Kemelgor, L. Sussman, J. Kline, and Jozef Zurada, “Who Are The Difficult Employees? Psychopathological Attributions Of Their Co-workers,” Journal of Business & Economics Research – October 2007, Volume 5, Number 10, p. 47.

Dunsmuir v. New Brunswick [2008] 1 S.C.R. 190, 2008 SCC 9