Forum on Senate Reform:  May 12, 2010

Sponsored by The Centre for Public Policy and Law at York University and The Canada West Foundation

Discussion paper:  "A New Senate for a More Democratic Canada"

Archived Webcasts of Forum

By clicking on the appropriate links below, you can view the parts of the Forum for which York University and Calgary were joined by videoconference. 

Senate Reform session 1A

Session Title: Balancing Power, Improving Policy

Key Speaker: Ian Brodie

Panelists: Roger Gibbins, Matthew Mendelsohn



Senate Reform session 1B

Report Back on Balancing Power, Improving Policy discussion



Session Reform session 2A

Session Title: Representing Diversity

Panelists: Lisa Young, Jennifer Smith, Andre Blais



Session Reform session 2B

Report Back on Representing Diversity



Senate Reform session 3A

Session Title: Strengthening Federalism

Panelists: Casey Vander Ploeg, Hon. Dan Hays, Hon. Lorna Marsden





Time                                            Event                                                            Participants

Calgary   Toronto

7:45          9:45                            Participants arrive;                              panelists and attendees (20 in Calgary, 20 in

                                                  Refreshments                                     Toronto, York University)


8:00          10:00                         Welcome & Introductions                     Roger Gibbins, President and CEO, Canada West Foundation (Calgary)

                                                                                                           and Ian Greene, Professor, School of Public Policy and Administration (York)


8:10          10:10                         Prime Minister Harper’s                   Ian Brodie, former Chief of Staff, PMO (2006-08)

                                                 Program for Senate reform                (video link from Washington, D.C.)


8:30          10:30                         Session I:  Balacing Power,                President and CEO, Canada West Foundation (Calgary) &                                                                             

                                                 Improving Policy                                Matthew Mendelsohn, director, Mowat Centre for Policy Innovation, University of Toronto


9:00          11:00                         Separate discussion groups in                Attendees in Calgary and York

                                                 Calgary and York (no video link            Peter Russell (professor emeritus, University of Toronto)

                                                 after presentation by Prof. Russell)        will be first discussant in Toronto.


 9:45         11:45                         Report back (video link)                       Robert Roach, Director of the West in Canada Project,

                                                                                                           Canada West Foundation (Calgary); & Les Jacobs, Director,

                                                                                                           York Centre for Public Policy and Law (York)


10:00        12:00                         Break (light lunch served at York)


10:45        12:45                        Session II:  Representing                   Lisa Young, Dept. of Political Science, University of Calgary; Professor, Department of Political

                                                Diversity                                             Science, Dalhousie University, (Halifax by video link); & André Blais Professor, Political Science,                                                                                                             l’Université de Montréal (Montréal by teleconference)                                                                                                       

11:15        13:15                         Separate discussion groups in                Attendees in Calgary and York

                                                Calgary and York (no video link)


12:00        14:00                         Report back (video link)                        Robert Roach (Calgary); Ian Greene (York)


12:15        14:15                         Break (light lunch served in Calgary; refreshments at York)


13:00        15:00                         Session III:  Strengthening                Casey Vander Ploeg, Senior Policy Analyst, Canada West Foundation (Calgary),

                                                 Federalism (video link)                        Dr. Lorna Marsden, York’s President Emeritus and Former Canadian Senator (York), &

                                                                                                             Hon. Dan Hays, Former Senator (Calgary)


13:40        15:40                         Discussion including groups in                Attendees in Calgary and York

                                                 Calgary and York (video link)


14:15        16:15                         Report back (video link)                        Robert Roach (Calgary); Les Jacobs (York)


14:30        16:30                         Wrap Up (video link)                            Roger Gibbins (Calgary); Les Jacobs (York)


14:45        16:45                         End