This is the web page for GL POLS 3135, The Courts and the Constitution, Fall 2011

Course Director:  Prof. Roger Rickwood

Course Outline

Powerpoint Slides:

(Note:  These slides were developed by Prof. Ian Greene when he taught GL POLS 3135 in 2005-06.  Information in the slides about class administration issues and mock trials is not relevant to Prof. Rickwood's class in 2009.)

First Week powerpoint notes

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Mid-term Exam Review

Final Exam Review

   Some cases that will be covered in this course:
1.    Peace, Order and Good Government I:  Russell v. The Queen, Local Prohibition Case, & Re Board of Commerce Act, Snider
2.    Peace, Order and Good Government II (Employment and Social Insurance Act Reference (1937), A.G. Ont. v. Canada Temperance Federation (1946), Johannesson v. West St. Paul (1952), Reference re Offshore Mineral Rights (1967), Ref re Anti-Inflation Act (1976), Queen v. Crown Zellerbach (1988)
3:  Property & Civil Rights vs. Trade and Commerce (Parsons, Proprietary Articles Trade Assoc. Ref., Natural Products Marketing Ref., Ontario Farm Products Marketing Act Ref., Chicken and Egg Reference, Labatt)
4.   Interdelegation, and the Treaty-Making and Implementation Powers
5.   Potash and Oldman River cases
6.   Other division of powers cases(R. v. Hydro-Québec, O’Hara v. B.C., CN v. Courtois, AGT v. Canada, Ont. Hydro v. Lab.

Supplemental Materials

Highlights of the Canadian Constitution

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Briefing Cases

Academic Honesty

On-Line Resources


The Canadian court structure

Constitution Acts, 1867 to 1982

Highlights of the Canadian constitution

Case Brief Examples, by Kris Crawford Dickinson (Parsons and Russell)

Canadian Judicial Council

How federally-appointed judges are selected

How provincially-appointed judges are selected in Ontario

Ethics Statement of Canadian Judicial Council