The exam is two hours in length.  You may write on two or three questions, which limits the amount you can write for each question.  I would suggest that each answer be a maximum of six pages (double-spaced) if you are answering two questions, or four pages (double-spaced) if you are answering three questions.

Two possible exam questions (one to be included on the April 24 final exam):

1.  You have just been hired by Prof. Michael Mandel as his summer research assistant.  Your assignment is:

 a)  to summarize the legalization of politics argument, as you see it, as it had been developed by Prof. Mandel and others up to 1994 (this will give him an idea of how clearly he put the argument in his book), and
 b)  to suggest changes or additions that ought to be included in a possible third edition of the book to be released in late 2002.

2.  You have just been hired as a clerk in the Supreme Court of Canada.  The first assignment your judge gives you is to prepare a brief summary of the academic commentary on the political impact of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Prepare the summary.