Friday, May 3, 2002, any time after 6:30

361 Indian Grove

Significant others welcome too

Directions:  Indian Grove is one block east of Keele.  Several streets in this area start with "Indian," so make sure you're on Indian GROVE.  Our home is 1/3 of a block south of Humberside, or 2/3 of a block north of Glen Lake.

Subway:  exit at Keele.  Our home is 1 and 2/3 blocks north of the subway station.  If you take the Indian Grove exit, follow the sidewalk around to Indian Grove, and turn right.  If you take the Keele Street exit, walk north to Glen Lake, turn right, and then turn left onto Indian Grove.  Another route by TTC is the Keele bus from York University.  Get off at Humberside, two stops north of Keele, and then walk one block east to Indian Grove.

Driving:  If you're coming from the north, take Black Creek Drive south.  It becomes Weston Road if you stay in the left lane.  Weston Road becomes Keele Street at St. Clair.  Go south on Keele Street past Dundas West and Annette, and then turn left on Humberside.  Turn right onto Indian Grove, and take the first parking spot you see.  (If driving from the north, do not take Keele all the way.  Keele disappears for several blocks north of the Junction.)

If you're coming from the south via the Gardiner, exit onto Lakeshore so that you can drive north on Parkside.  Parkside turns into Keele at Bloor.  Drive two blocks north of Bloor, and turn right onto Humberside.  Turn right onto Indian Grove, and take the first parking spot you see.

If you wish, you could bring something to munch on, or your favourite beverage.  There should be plenty to eat and drink already at the house, however, so don't feel obliged.

RSVP (if you haven't already) to 416-763-0766.