Carol Williams

In July 2008, Carol Williams took up a Tier II Canada Research Chair in Feminism and Gender Studies at Trent Universtiy in Peterborough Ontario. Carol Williams teaches Women’s Studies and US Women’s History with a specialty in Native American women’s history. Her award winning book Framing the West: Race, Gender and the Photographic Frontier in the Pacific Northwest (OUP 2003) discusses women's roles in nation building and the photographic ideas of ‘Indian’ life enlisted to promote 19th c Euro American settlement. By considering how indigenous peoples collected and commissioned photographs from 1862 onward, Framing the West unravels the conventional perception that the Euro American gaze dominated photographic imagery. Prior to entering academia Williams’ worked for several years as a waitress entering higher education as a self-taught artist. She has a long-standing commitment to feminist cultural activism and has published diverse articles and interviews on women and contemporary art in North America.