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Bubblegum Cannonballs

ATSA, Montréal (ON, Canada)

ATSA’s Bubblegum Cannonballs GallerySpecially conceived in keeping with the theme and setting of the Havana Biennial (March 27 - April 27 2009), Bubblegum Cannonballs showcases the paradox that is bubblegum, that symbol of dreams and of lightness. Life through “rose-tinted spectacles” here takes the shape of cannonballs, communicating the perverse effect of globalized overconsumption as a weapon of mass integration, one that certainly has the potential to upset Cuban society’s cultural and ecological equilibrium.

With Bubblegum Cannonballs, ATSA explores the collateral repercussions of the rampant consumerism found in wealthy nations. ATSA’s artists create a playful intervention, storming the El Morro / La Cabaña fortress and “attacking” it with bubblegum-pink cannonballs.

Alongside the cannons, installed is a playful pink-gumball machine—empty—from which there emanates a soundtrack comprising sounds from the initial “shock and awe” bombardment of Iraq, accompanied by a text advising all comers to be wary of such a bubblicious dream.

Caution! The whole thing may just blow up in your face...

A word about ATSA: ATSA (Action Terroriste Socialement Acceptable) was founded in 1997 by artists Pierre Allard and Annie Roy. to create so-called urban interventions: installations, performances and realistic stagings bearing witness to the various social and environmental aberrations which preoccupy the two artists. Their works investigate and transform the urban landscape and restore the citizen’s place in the public realm, depicting it as a political space open to discussion and societal debates. ATSA promotes an open, active and responsible vision of artists as citizens contributing to the sustainable development of their society. ATSA is the recipient of the 2008 Prix citoyen de la culture (cultural citizen award) and the 2008 Artist for Peace prize. For more information:

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