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One Dollar Click And Borders

Alexandra Gelis

Alexandra Gelis’s One Dollar Click And Borders VideoAlexandra Gelis’s One Dollar Click And Borders VideoOne Dollar Click, 2009, features a 2 minute trip through 400 islands in Kunayala, home of the native Kuna community in Panama, and follows everyday routines and a mixture of signifiers that transforms cultures.

Borders, 2010, is a 3 minute intimate photographic exploration of the bodies belonging to six queer individuals. This animation, made up of hundreds of high-resolution photographs, unabashedly examines the evidence of physical change and transformation: surgery scars, tattoos, and other traces. The bodies are fragmented, as are the stories affiliated with these traces, and identities remain delightfully elusive.

Alexandra Gelis is a Colombian Venezuelan, Toronto based multidisciplinary artist with a background in photography, web design and visual arts. She works with photography, video and digital art to explore the image in relation to memory, migration and encounters. Her use of sequential photographs focuses on her relationship with communities where she has worked facilitating photography and video workshops. She also has developed a series of works documenting intimate performances and translating them into photomontages and video installations. Her video work has been shown in several venues in Toronto, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and the U.S..

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