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Internal Audit

Department Mandate

Internal Audit at York University is an independent, objective assurance function established to add value and improve York University's management processes and operations. The scope of Internal Audit is to assess the adequacy of management systems and processes: for identifying and managing the University's business risks and for ensuring that the University is operating effectively and efficiently and within established laws, regulations, university policies and delegated authorities.

The specific accountabilities of Internal Audit include assessing:

The effectiveness of management systems in identifying and managing business risks.
The effectiveness and efficiency of management systems for achieving university objectives considering business risks.
Compliance with laws, regulations and university policies and delegated authorities.
The effectiveness of internal control processes and systems.
The accuracy, reliability and timeliness of management information reported, and
The reliability and security of information systems and computer operations.

The Internal Audit Department reports to the Audit Committee of the Board of Governors of York University through the Vice-President, Finance and Administration.