Letter from the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Barbara Hanson

It is with great joy that I take up the role of Editor-in-Chief for International Review of Modern Sociology and International Journal of Sociology of the Family. I have long had respect for the nature and mission of these journals in their high intellectual quality, provision of a forum for ideas from the entire world, promotion of innovation, and encouragement of work from scholars at early stages of their careers. I hope to continue this mission and add ideas from my particular areas of interest and experience: theory, methods, intimate relations, health, and gender.

Man Singh Das has graciously agree to continue being associated with the journals as Founding and Consulting Editor. I am very happy that we will continue to benefit from his extensive knowledge and world wide circle of colleagues. His founding and editing of these journals for the past 30 years has made a profound contribution to sociology, and related disciplines, and inter-disciplinary studies.

The editorial team operates on the York University Campus, in Toronto, Canada and consists of the Editor in Chief, as well as Andie Noack, Managing Editor, International Review of Modern Sociology, and Gail McCabe, Managing Editor, International Journal of Sociology of the Family. The managing editors bring additional intellectual skills in the areas of communication studies, bodies, aging, sexual orientations, identities and critical theory to our team.

We have been working hard to make the transition of editorial offices as smooth as possible and convert our procedures to take advantage of electronic communication with the goal of moving toward electronic paper submission and reviews. Inevitably such transitions cause delay, errors, and confusion. I apologize for any errors, delays, or omissions you have experienced and invite you to let me know at irjs@yorku.ca if something has gone astray or is missing.

Once our transition is complete our first task is to plan several special issues, hopefully for the 2003 issues of the journals. We have many ideas in mind and welcome ideas from our subscribers and contributors. This is particularly important since we are committed to maintaining the balance of material and relevant issues for countries and peoples around the world. Therefore we are particularly interested in hearing from people who have insights about issues outside Europe and North America, persons of colour, persons with disabilities, persons of diverse sexual orientations, and women.

I hope that you will contribute to a dialogue on the content of the journal by contacting us at irjs@yorku.ca and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,

Barbara Hanson, Editor in Chief

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