ISSN 1205-3597

Road to East Asia

A journal on contemporary East Asian literature in English

Written by students of FC1750.06
at Founders College, York University

Vol.1, no. 2, March-April, 1996

Editors and Writers: Maria Nadeau, Han Ki-Dongt, Sarah Tan, Kevin Perkins,
Michael Kociuba, Jennifer Henry, Sekou Russell, May Yuen, and Daniel Jacobs
Instructor and founding editor: Isabella Wai

Copyright © 1996 by the authors. References to this text should be attributed to the authors.

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The Internet: Highway to East Asia and beyond

Humans speaking through machines, by Kevin Perkins
Turning fears into hope, by Jennifer Henry
East Asia in plain sight, by May Yuen
The Internet and a computer illiterate, by Maria Nadeau
Keeping abreast of the times, by Sarah Tan
Comic relief in Cyberspace, by Michael Kociuba
A personal journey, by Han Ki