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Clifford J. Jansen

       After completing Secondary School in Cape Town, in 1952, I worked as an office clerk for the next few years, before leaving for Rome in September 1956, where I completed two years of Philosophy. I then went to the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, where I received a Licence (MA) in Sociology and a second Licence (MA) in Economics. I received a Ph.D. Degree in Sociology, from The University of Bath, England in 1968.
        Jobs included: Research assistant at 'Centre de Recherches Socio-Religieuses' in Brussels: 1961-1963; A Research Assistantship in Sicily: 1963-64 (Pontifica Universita' Gregoriana); A Research Fellowship at University of Bath: 1965-1968; Research Assistantship at the Institute for Behavioural (Social) Science, at York University, Toronto: 1968 and Professor of Sociology at York University: 1968-Present. I spent the academic year 1978-1979 at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.
        ENGLISH is my mother tongue. I speak, read and write FRENCH fluently and speak and read ITALIAN very well.                                                                            Return to Homepage