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Migration and Immigration

I have always been interested in both Internal Migration and in Immigration. In 1968 I completed a book on Internal Migrants to the City of Bristol, England, entitled Social Aspects of Internal Migration, Bath, Bath University Press and in 1970 edited Readings in the Sociology of Migration, Oxford, Pergamon Press.

Ethnic Groups

Since coming to Canada, in 1968, I have focussed much of my Research on the Italian Immigrant Group and their origins. Publications include:

1981 Education and Social Mobility of Immigrants: A Pilot Study focussing on Italians in Vancouver, Toronto, Institute for Behavioural Research, York University.
1981 The Italians of Vancouver: A case study of Internal Differentiation of an Ethnic group, Toronto, Institute for Behavioural Research, York University.
1981 Factbook on Italians in Canada (1st ed.) with co-author, Toronto, York University
1987 Factbook on Italians in Canada (2nd ed.), Toronto, Institute for Social Research, York University
1988 Italians in a Multicultural Canada, Queenston, The Edwin Mellen Press
1992 Sociological and Economic Change in the Peasant Society of Troina, Sicily, (with co-author), Queenston, The Edwin Mellen Press
1997 "Italians in Canada in the 1990's," Altreitalie, vol.15


I have also been studying the South African Immigrant Group in Canada. A brief article can be found in: Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples, Toronto, Multicultural History Society of Ontario.


Recently I have been working with two colleagues on a study of   Caribbeans    in Toronto. We are working on a book to be called: Despite the Odds. An article entitled "Issues of Race in Employment: Expriences of Caribbean Women in Toronto," published in Canadian Woman Studies-les cahiers de la femme, 19:3, can be viewed by clicking on the title above.

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