Syllabi available on request.а

PHIL 6370: Philosophy of Cognitive Science
PHIL 6800: First-Year PhD Seminar: Reflection, Agency, and Responsibility
PHIL 4080: Seminar in Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 5800: Core Theoretical Philosophy
COGS 4901: Honours Seminar in Cognitive Science
COGS 2160:а
Minds, Brains, and Machines (an introduction to cognitive science)
PHIL 6360:а
Major Figures in the Philosophy of Psychology (graduate seminar on Tyler Burge’s Origins of Objectivity)

PHIL 2300:аBeginning Philosophy
PHIL 5331:аGraduate Seminar on Concept Learning
HONS 3303: The Science of the Mind (an introduction to cognitive science)
PHIL 3340: Minds, Brains, and Computers (an introduction to philosophy of mind)
PHIL 5311: Graduate Seminar in Epistemology

PNP 200: Introduction to Cognitive Science
PHIL 419: Philosophy of Psychology
PHIL 426: Theories of Concepts

jbeck [at] yorku.ca ай Jacob Beck 2017