Record of Student Supervision, Jill B. Rich, PhD


Graduate Supervision (Primary) (cumulative: 15):


      09/06-present  Jennifer Hilborn, PhD degree in progress.

      09/06-present  Melanie Wiegand, MA degree in progress. Research practicum entitled “Long-term Cognitive Sequelae of SARS”

      03/05-present  Beverley Bouffard, PhD degree in progress. Working title “Memory Functioning and Major Depressive Disorder”

09/03-6/23/05  Eden Story, completed MA. Thesis entitled, “Comparison of Enactment and Verbal Encoding on Memory: Divided vs. Full Attention and Categorized vs. Uncategorized Lists”

09/03-6/10/05  Anna Vandenberg, completed MA in Interdisciplinary Studies, thesis entitled “Communication, Ethics, Learning: The Lost Contexts of Memory Arts”

09/01-08/07     Stella Karantzoulis, completed MA 11/17/03. Research practicum entitled: “New Fact Learning in Amnesia.” Master’s Thesis entitled “Verbal Encoding vs. Enactment and Semantic Integration vs. Interference Effects on Memory in Individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment”

                        Dissertation defended 12/6/06, entitled “The Relation of Frontal Lobe Function to Source Memory and Prospective Memory in Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment”

09/01-8/2/07 Tobi Lubinsky, completed MA 12/4/03. Research practicum entitled: “Functional Neuroanatomy of Purposeful Action.” Master’s Thesis entitled “The Generation Effect and Errorless Learning: A Beneficial Effect for Individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment?”

                        completed PhD, dissertation entitled: “The Combined Effects of Errorless Learning and the Generation Effect on Item Memory and Source Monitoring: Evidence from Healthy Aging and Individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment”

      06/01-1/24/05  Irina Valentin, completed PhD, dissertation entitled “Self-Regulated Executive Functions in Academic Achievement”

                                    Note: became primary supervisor in Oct, 2004, after death of H. Mandel

12/00-8/30/02  Sheryl Green, completed MA, thesis entitled: “Moderators of Verbal Cueing Effects on Novel Naturalistic Action Performance among Stroke Patients”

4/99-3/27/02    Caroline Roncadin, completed PhD, dissertation entitled: “Working Memory and Inhibition in Typically Developing Children and Children with Closed Head Injury,” nominated for university-level dissertation award

9/97-present    Martyn Thomas, PhD degree in progress, dissertation entitled: “Physiological, Cognitive, and Affective Responses to Experimental Psychological Stress in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Controlled Study of Vigilance and Sense of Effort”

8/97-1/17/00    Sharon Guger, completed PhD, dissertation entitled: “Implicit and Explicit Memory in Children with Moderate Head Injury“

4/96-6/5/00      Brian Richards, completed PhD, dissertation entitled: “The Effects of Aging and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury on Neuropsychological Performance”

3/96-8/4/04      Marc Levi, completed PhD, dissertation entitled: “Aggression Subtypes: The Role of Neuropsychological Functioning and Personality”


Graduate Supervision (Committee Member) (cumulative: 13):


               10/06-8/26/07        Anne-Marie DePape, completed MA, thesis entitled “Musical Expertise, Bilingualism, and Executive Functioning” (primary: E. Bialystok)

      09/05-9/05/06  Corey Gerritsen, completed MA, thesis entitled “Visual Search for Emotional Faces Is Not Blind to Emotion” (primary: J. Eastwood)

      10/03-present  Catherine McDermott, PhD degree in progress, dissertation entitled “Disengagement of Attention in High Functioning Adolescents with Autism” (primary: D. Pepler)

      09/03-4/21/05  Stephanie McDermid-Vaz, completed PhD, dissertation entitled “Organizing the Heterogeneity in Schizophrenia: Evidence of Memory-Based Subtypes” (primary: W. Heinrichs)

      06/02-6/28/04  Lila Elkhadem, completed MA, thesis entitled: “Explicit and Implicit Memory in Children with Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus: Effects of Metabolic Control and Time of Day” (primary: M. Desrocher)

      07/01-9/25/03  Vicki Rombough, completed PhD, dissertation entitled “Attention Deficits in Autism: Is the World Viewed Through a Narrow Attentional Spotlight? (primary: M. Desrocher)

      12/00-2/6/02    Lili Senman, completed MA, thesis entitled: “Cognitive Processes in Theory of Mind Tasks: Inhibition of Attention and Symbolic Representation in Young Children” (primary: E. Bialystok)

      9/99-9/11/00    Joanne Taylor, completed MA, thesis entitled: “Internal Generation of the Morphological Priming Effect” (primary: C. Green)

      9/99-1/10/02    Vivien Rekkas, completed PhD, dissertation entitled: “An Investigation of the Central Executive in Normal Aging” (primary: S. Murtha)

11/98-12/3/99  Terry Diamond, completed MA, thesis entitled: “The Effects of PTSD on Cognitive Functioning Among Adult Survivors of Child Maltreatment“ (primary: R. Muller)

6/97-12/13/99  Jessica Bryan, completed PhD, dissertation entitled: “Inhibitory Control and Disinhibition in Autism/PDD“ (primary: S. Bryson)

2/97-1/12/98    Lesley Ruttan, completed PhD, dissertation entitled: “Depression and Neuropsychological Functioning in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury“ (primary: W. Heinrichs)

1/97-7/22/97    Pamela Gomez, completed MA, thesis entitled: “Audio-Visual Synchrony in the Intermodal Perception of Children with Autism“ (primary: J. Bebko)


Dean’s Representative on Oral Defense Examination Committees (cumulative: 8):


01/24/06          Jana Atkins, PhD dissertation: “Media Influences on Adolescent Aggressive Behaviour, Positive Expectancies, and the Co-Occurrence of Substance Use”

03/24/05          Erica Barbuto, MA thesis: “The Effects of Dual-Task Performance on Retrieval of Serially Encoded Information”

10/08/03          Marie Arsalidou, MA thesis: “Neural Processes of Visual Problem Solving and Complexity”

08/01/01          Randall Waechter, MA thesis: “Improving Short-Term Memory: The Effects of Novelty and Emotion on Memory”

11/16/98          Elaine McKinnon, PhD dissertation: ”Relation of Family Characteristics and Survivor Characteristics to Outcome after Acquired Brain Injury in Adolescents”

2/13/98            Carey Sturgeon, MA thesis: ”A Meta-Analytic Review of Information-Processing Deficits in Schizophrenia: Event-Related Potentials and Eye Movement Indices”

1/13/97            Stacey Baskind, MA thesis: ”Mental Capacity Testing of Deaf Children”

9/16/95            Konstantine Zakzanis, MA thesis: ”The Elusive Core: A Meta-Analysis of Neurocognitive Test Findings in Schizophrenia”


Examiner from Outside Student’s Department on Oral Defense Committees (cumulative: 1):


08/25/06          William Tippett, PhD dissertation: “Analysis of Visually-Guided Reaching Performance in Neurologically Healthy Young and Elderly Adults and Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease” supervisor: L. Sergio, Kinesiology


Supervision of Predoctoral Interns in Neuropsychology at Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care (cumulative: 19):


     09/07-08/08      Christina Gojmerac, University of Toronto

                              Andrew Miki, York University

09/06-08/07     Genevieve Quintin, University of Toronto

                        Gregory Sweitzer, Arizona School of Professional Psychology-Argosy University

09/05-08/06     Veronica Lozano, University of Houston

                        Maria Tsiakas, University of Ottawa

09/04-08/05     Jana Atkins, York University

                        Eva Svoboda, University of Toronto

09/03-08/04     Karen Chipman, University of Western Ontario

                        Jelena King, University of Waterloo

09/02-08/03     Lacey Klingler, Georgia School of Professional Psychology - Argosy University

                        Amy Siegenthaler, University of Toronto

     09/01-08/02      Leanne Buttross, Alliant Intl University (Fresno); California Schl of Prof Psychology

                              Rhonda Feldman, University of Victoria

     09/00-08/01      Maria Armilio, University of Toronto

                              Corey Mackenzie, Queen’s University

     09/99-08/00      Kimberly Kane, University of Toronto

                              Gitit Kave, Hebrew University in Jerusalem

                              Suzanne Krupa, University of Ottawa


Supervision of Undergraduate Honours Thesis and Independent Studies (cumulative: 41):


      FW07 (2)         Lisa Bolshin: Semantic Effects on Temporal Memory in Normal Aging

                              Salma Noormohamed: Semantic Relatedness and Temporal Order Memory

      FW06 (1)         Meera Paleja: The Cognitive Sequelae of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Young and Older Adults

      FW05 (5)         Carly Bolshin: Errorless Learning and Generation Effects on Item and Source Memory

                              Tony DeBono: The Relation Between Prospective and Source Memory in Healthy Young Adults

                              Neil Mehdiratta: Cognitive Processes of Verbal and Nonverbal Fluency in Young Adults

                              Meera Paleja: (Independent Study) Cross-Modal Manipulation Effects on Implicit Memory

                              Karen Zilberberg: An Analysis of Working Memory and Immediate and Delayed Verbal and Nonverbal Memory in Healthy Young Men

      FW04 (3)         Naomi Gryfe: Memory Improvements for Healthy Young Adults: The Combined Effects of Errorless Learning and Subject Generation

                              Vladimir Kushnir: The Effect of Categorization on Free Recall and Recognition of Object-Action Pairs

                              Raquel Williams: The Effects of Categorization and Enactment on Temporal Order Memory

      FW03 (3)         Jennifer Hilborn: Interitem Association in Subject-Performed & Verbal Tasks (Independent Study, fall semester)

                              Emma Pereira: Generation Effects and Errorless Learning in Young Adults

                              Bianca Yau: Subject-Performed Tasks and Cognitive Aging

      FW02 (2)         Danielle Savona: Temporal Order Memory of Actions vs. Objects

                              Azadeh Shahidsaless: Sequencing vs. Memory of Action-Object Pairs

      FW01 (2)         Vivian Koval: Paired Associates and the Mere Exposure Effect

                              Nadine Richard: Mere Exposure Effect with Verbal Stimuli (winner of the Templeton Award for best honours thesis in Psychology)

      FW00 (2)         Sandra Kaimer: The Mere Exposure Effect and Implicit Memory: A Comparison of Words and Nonwords on Preference Ratings and Word-Stem Completion

                              Yaniv Morgenstern: Neuropsychological Aspects of Attention in Dementia

      SU00 (2)          Lila Elkhadem: Alzheimer’s Disease and Conceptual Apraxia (Independent Study)

                              Clairneige Motzoi: Apraxia in Alzheimer’s Disease (Independent Study)

FW99 (5)         Lila Elkhadem: The Effect of Hormone Replacement Therapy on Verbal and Nonverbal Memory in Healthy Postmenopausal Women

                        Ricardo Flamenbaum: Sex Hormones and Cognition: A Review (Indep. Study)

                        Joe Roncaioli: The Effect of Hormone Replacement Therapy on Sexually Dimorphic Abilities in Healthy Postmenopausal Women

                        Daniella Samuel: The Effect of Hormone Replacement Therapy on Perceptual and Conceptual Implicit Memory in Healthy Postmenopausal Women

                        Daniella Samuel: The Neurobiology of Hormone Replacement Therapy (Independent Study)

FW98 (2)         Yaniv Berliner: Memory Asymmetry in Alzheimer’s Disease: Relationship to Age of Onset and Education

Farrah Kassam: Literature Review: The Activational Influence of Testosterone on Cognition (Independent Study)

SU98 (1)          Jennifer Hamilton: An Analysis of Component Processes on Executive Function and Memory Tasks in Normal Aging (Independent Study)

FW97 (5)         Lisa Capo: Cognitive Flexibility and Verbal Fluency in Healthy Young and Older Adults;

Jennifer Hamilton: Clustering and Switching on Verbal Fluency and Word List Recall Tasks;

Judith Levy-Bencheton: Implicit Processing in Unilateral Neglect;

R. Shayna Rosenbaum: Implicit Memory Performance in Young Women Across the Menstrual Cycle (honourable mention for the Templeton Award for best honours thesis in Psychology);

Eva-Maria Svoboda: Diazepam-induced prospective memory impairment and its relation to retrospective memory and arousal (Independent Study)

FW96 (4)         Aaron Greenberg: The Continuous Performance Test: A True Test of Vigilance?;

Eleanor Liederman: Attention and Working Memory in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients;

Amanda Robertson: Prospective Memory and Aging: A Unitary or Heterogeneous Function?

Eva-Maria Svoboda: Prospective Memory: Relationship to Age, Retrospective Memory, IQ, and Education

FW95 (2)         Faith Malach: The Relationship Between Social Activity Participation and Depression Among the Elderly;

Vijitha Navaratnam: The Role of ApoE in Alzheimer's Disease (Independent Study)


Supervision of Undergraduate Students and Volunteer Research Assistants (cumulative: 21):


      FW06 (3 new) Maaria Baloch and Laura Orlando: The Effect of Study-Test Modality Manipulations on Perceptual and Conceptual Implicit Memory

                              Jenny Massioukova: The Effects of Enactment and Meaningfulness on Temporal Order Memory.

                              Renata Mola: Memory Performance in Major Depressive Disorder

      SU06 (6)          Maaria Baloch and Sheetal Mistry: The Effect of Study-Test Modality Manipulations on Perceptual and Conceptual Implicit Memory

                              Angela Badulescu and Gabriela Heymann: Comparison of Verbal and Design Fluency Performance in Young Adults

                              Jenny Smith and Karen Zilberberg: Memory and Genetics in Healthy Young Men

      FW05 (1 new) Olivia Chu and Raquel Williams: Memory and Genetics in Healthy Young Men

      SU05 (4)          Maya Berinzon, Janice Dias, and Raquel Williams: The effect of study-test modality manipulations on perceptual and conceptual implicit memory

                              Janice Dias, Jodi Lubinsky, and Raquel Williams: Memory and Genetics in Healthy Young Men

      FW03 (2)         Seema Dar: The Effect of Categorized vs. Uncategorized Lists on Free Recall Following Subject-Performed and Verbal Tasks

                              Jennifer Hilborn: Genetic Variation in Memory Performance among Healthy Men

      FW02 (1)         Yael Nitkin: The Relation Between Mental Status and Visual Perception in Alzheimer’s Disease

      SU02 (3)          Danielle Savona: The Mere Exposure Effect: Paired vs. Unpaired Presentations

                              Azadeh Shahidsaless: The Mere Exposure Effect: Paired vs. Unpaired Presentations

                              Kalyani Thurairajah: Action Sequence Error Coding in Stroke Patients

      FW01 (1)         Yael Nitkin: The Mere Exposure Effect with Familiar and Novel Stimuli