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Office: PSE 245
Phone: 1-416-736-2100x20761
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Email: jgwang@yorku.ca


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Jianguo (Jian-Guo) Wang, Dr.-Ing., P.Eng.

Associate Lecturer, Geomatics Engineering

Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering

Lassonde School of Engineering

Member of Lassonde School of Engineering (FSE)

Member of Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS)




·         Bachelor’s Degree, Surveying Engineering

             Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping (WTUSM[1])

             (School of Geodesy and Geomatics)

·         Master’s Degree, Surveying Engineering, WTUSM (School of Geodesy and Geomatics)

·         Dr.-Ing., (Doctor of Engineering Sciences), Geomatics Engineering

             Universität der Bundeswehr München (UniBwM)

             Fakultät für Bauingenieur- und Vermessungswesen

          [1] WTUSM was merged with Wuhan University in 2001

Industrial/Academic Experience

·         Ph.D. Studies/Research Associate/PDF, UniBwM, 1992 ~ 1998

·         Research Associate, Technische Universität München, 1991 ~ 1992    

  • Lecturer, WTUSM, Wuhan, 1987 ~ 1991
  • Graduate Studies/Assistant Lecturer, WTUSM, Wuhan, 1984~1987
  • Assistant Lecturer, WTUSM, Wuhan, 1982~1984


     Courses taught and being taught at York University

      Undergraduate Courses

·         LE/ESSE2620 3.0 Fundamentals of Surveying ( W 2007-2013, F & W 2015, F 2016))

          2004/2005/2006 ARO VLBI Antenna Project

          2007/2008/2009 Tennis Canada Project (schedule)

Graduate Course

·         Advanced Satellite Positioning, GS/ESS 5410 3.0

     Courses taught at WTUSM in the past



  • The Faculty-Wide Excellence in Teaching Award, 2008
    for Junior Tenure-stream faculty (
    less than 5 years of experience teaching as a full-time faculty member), Faculty of Science and Engineering, York University.

    Teaching Philosophy

·         “Teaching” is one of the top prestigious professions worldwide. “Impart Knowledge and Educate People” may provide the best description how people respect this profession. There is no exception about it in any culture.

·         It is not easy to be a good teacher. I trust that a good teacher needs to have an intense passion for teaching together with full of energy and enthusiasm.

·         My teaching should not be about how much and how well I know the subject, but about how much and how well my students can grasp the subject through my teaching.

·         ... ...


Integrated Navigation and

High Accuracy & High Precision Engineering Surveying

Good example for Integrated Navigation is multi-sensor systems, the core of modern direct-georeferencing systems that integrate the GPS/GNSS, Inertial sensors, and any other positioning & orientation sensors available. The research in this area innovates and develops advance algorithms including error modeling, Kalman filtering, robust filtering, system simulation, hardware integration, and real-time & post-processing SW development.

High Accuracy & High Precision Engineering Surveying engages special engineering surveying applications such as deformation monitoring and industrial surveying using modern automatic instruments (automatic total stations, GPS, terrain lidar etc.) and modern math & statistic methodologies.

Graduate Students

       Ph.D. Students:  

       09/2009 ~               : Nilesh S. Gopaul (BS., MSc., York U)

       09/2009 ~ 10/2015 : Jiangtao Liu (BSc, MSc., CUG, China), completed

                                    (Supervisors: Dr. Qiuming Cheng; Dr. Jian-Guo Wang)   

       09/2008 ~ 12/2016 : Michael Leslar (BSc, MSc, Ryerson U), part time

                                    (Supervisors: Dr. Baoxin Hu; Dr. Jian-Guo Wang)   

       09/2010 ~               :  Kun Qian (B.Eng, China; B.Sc, York University)


       M.Sc. Students:  

       09/2015 ~              : Thomas MacDougall (BSc, MU; BSc, YU)

       09/2012 ~              : Xieqiu Jia (BSc, YU)

       09/2011 ~ 08/2015: Guannan Liu (BSc, YU)

       09/2008 ~ 09/2011: Ofeliya Popova (BSc, UNB)

       09/2007 ~ 08/2009: Nilesh Gopaul (BSc., York U)

 Visiting Scholar

       07/2008 ~ 06/2009: Zhenyu Zhao, BSc., MSc., PhD., Jilin University, China  

       02/2011 ~ 01/2012: Gaifang Wang, BSc., MSc., China University of        Geoscienses

  Undergraduate ENG4000 Projects (not limit to)

       2006~2007: Survey Control Network for York University

                          Students: Gordon Jackson, Rachana Ravi, Michael McKechnie.

                          Supervisors: Dr. Spiros Pagiatakis, Dr. Jian-Guo Wang

       2008~2009: Fully Automated Observation System

                          YorkAMS: York University’s Automatic Monitoring System




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