Past Graduate Student Supervision

Name Thesis Title Degree Year Completed
Vivian Hu Passage Extraction and Result Combination for High Performance Biomedical Information Retrieval (148 pages) M.Sc. July 2009
Mladen Kovacevic Using Sentiment Term Combination and Proximity Functions to Enhance Probabilistic Information Retrieval Models in Blog Space (156 pages) M.Sc. June 2009
Yang Liu Review Mining from Online Media (189 pages) Ph.D. May 2009
Ming Zhong Concept-based Biomedical Text Retrieval (169 pages) M.Sc. Apr 2007
Yan Rui Huang Using Contextual Information and Machine Learning Technique to Improve Retrieval Performance (138 pages) M.Sc. Feb 2006
Yang Liu Markov Model-based Methods for Web User Clustering and Surfing Recommendation
(117 pages and co-supervised with Aijun An)
M.Sc. Dec 2004