Welcome to the Research Lab for Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management!

As part of York University, this Lab is a leading interdisciplinary research group in the areas of information retrieval, big data, health and medical informatics, knowledge management, text/Web mining, natural language processing and computational linguistics.

The mission of this laboratory is to conduct world-class research in the general areas of information retrieval, knowledge management and their applications to the Web and medical health care. In particular, our research activities focus on:

  • Statistical models and machine learning for information retrieval
  • big data analytics with complex structures
  • Contextual information retrieval and Web personalization
  • Biomedical text retrieval and mining
  • High accuracy retrieval from terabyte scale data sets
  • Cross-language and Chinese information retrieval
  • Web search and mining of Web data resources such as query logs to discover useful knowledge for improving Web search engine systems
  • Decision support for personalized health care

We invite you to peruse our website, especially the "Research" section to become better acquainted with our current work. We hope you will enjoy your visit and return often. Welcome!

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