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Looking Towards Mount Sharp
The view towards Mt. Sharp as imaged by the 34-mm MastCam onboard the Mars Science Laboratory Rover Curiosity.
Layering visible in the mountain may preserve the history of the evolution of Mars, just waiting to be read. IMAGE CREDIT: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS (To look closer with the 100-mm MastCam Telephoto Visit NASA IMAGE: PIA16104)

Planetary Environments and Exploration lab

Go Beyond the near horizon in your Student Career

We are developing Tools and Techniques to understand today's planetary science results and to enable the next generation of robotic solar system exploration. Headed by Dr. John E. Moores, the Planetary Environments and Exploration Laboratory (PEEL) group combines Science and Engineering research to answer fundamental questions about our solar system and draws on experience that spans four NASA, CSA and ESA space missions.

Join Us!

If you are interested in exploring the world of planetary science and engineering, opportunities exist within our laboratory for projects involving:

  • Numerical Modeling of processes on planetary bodies
  • Laboratory Simulation of planetary bodies
  • Space Mission Operations, Experiment Design & Data Analysis
  • Planetary instrument design and development & Space Mission Design
We are seeking talented individuals with a passion for exploration of other worlds. While the PEEL facility resides within the Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering and will be a part of the new Lassonde School of Engineering, those interested in applying may participate in either the ESSE or Physics and Astronomy programs at York University.

For more information, please email jmoores [at]