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The Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies

Volume 3 May 1980


Ruskin’s Literary Self Roger Ramsey 1
William Morris’s “Land East
of the Sun and West of the Moon”
Frederick Kirchhoff 14
Renunciation in Christina Rossetti’s Poetry Conrad Festa 25
Swinburne’s Conception of Shelley Terry L. Meyers 36
Arnold and Rossetti Elizabeth Glitter 48
The Vision of the Feminine in
William Morris’s The Water of the Wondrous Isles
John David Moore 58
Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market” Miriam Sagan 66
Thomas E. Plint: A Patron of Pre-Raphaelite Painters Brian Lewis 77
The Narrator of D.G. Rossetti’s “Troy Town” Christopher Nassaar 102
Baa-Lambs and Scapegoats Jack T. Harris 106
G.F. Watts: Two Lords
Chancellor and a Brief Correspondence
Thomas B. Brumbaugh 113
Poems and Drawings of Elizabeth Siddal
edited by Roger Lewis and Mark Samuels Lasner
Selam Muresianu 120
The Poetic Art of A.E. Housman by B.J. Leggett Benjamin Franklin Fisher 122
Pre-Raphaelite Drawings at Birmingham by Andrea Rose Mark Samuels Lasner 124
Approaches to Victorian
edited by George Landow
Nathan Cervo 126
Mackintosh Watercolours edited by Bill Cliffe Francis Golffing 130
Prodigal Father by William M. Murphy Francis Golffing 132