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The Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies

Volume 1 November 1980


Dislocation of Personal
Identity in Narratives of William Morris

Florence S. Boos

Another Germ for “The Author of Beltraffio” Adeline R. Tintner 14
Orders of Release Brian Lewis 21
“Decoding” Rossetti Joseph N. Gardner 36
John Ruskin: The Patron as Pygmalion Lenore Beaky 45
Fullness and Dissolution:
The Poetic Style of Dante Gabriel Rossetti
James Richardson 53
Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Dantis Amor Maryan Wynn Ainsworth 69
“Christ the Pilot”: A Panel for
William Holman Hunt’s Unfinished Triptych
George P. Landow 79
Two Kensington Pre-Raphaelite Tours Marilyn Ibach 92
The Vanity Fair Gallery Edwin C. Epps 103
William Holman Hunt and
Typological Symbolism
by George P. Landow
Francis Golffing 104
Ford Madox Brown and the
Pre-Raphaelite History-Picture
by Lucy Rabin
Francis Golffing 105
German Romanticism and English Art by William Vaughan T.J. Edelstein 107
Fact into Figure by Herbert L. Sussman Nathan Cervo 109
Notes on Contributors 115