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The Journal of Pre-Raphaelite and Aesthetic Studies

Volume 2 Fall 1989

A Special Issue

A Rossetti Cabinet: A Portfolio of Drawings by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Hitherto Unpublished, Unrecorded, or Undocumented including Studies for
Known and Unexecuted Paintings, Original Early Drawings, Portraits and
Caricatures, Designs, and Juvenilia

Introduction William E. Fredemen ix
Catalogue William E. Fredeman 1
Plates Robin Alston and Ronald McAmmond 19
I. Studies for Known and Recorded Pictures (1-21)
II. Studies for Unexecuted Works (22-33)
III. Early Drawings After 1843 (33-44)
IV. Portraits and Caricatures
      A. Known Subjects (45-53)
      B. Unidentified Subjects (54-57)
      C. Caricatures (58-67)
V. Designs and Miscellaneous Drawings (68-73)
VI. Juvenilia to 1843
      A. Illustrations for Literary Works (74-89)
      B. Humourous Drawings and Caricatures (90-96)
      C. Miscellaneous Childhood Drawings (97-113)