Zarco-Tejada, Pablo



(2000)  Ph. D.  Earth and Space Science, York University

Dissertation Title: “Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Closed Forest Canopies: Estimation of Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Pigment Content” v,vi

(1997)  M.Sc.  Remote Sensing, Image Processing and Applications, Dept. of Applied Physics, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering (APEME), University of Dundee (Scotland, UK),

Thesis Title: “Correlations Between CO2 Fluxes and High Spatial Resolution Reflectance Imagery” (Research at York University)


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Current Employment: Research Scientist, Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (IAS), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Cordoba, Spain



Telephone: (+34) 957 499 280                                   

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