When I was young I used to wonder what I'd do with my life:

How many babies would I mother?

Would I be someone's wife?

My mental vision always seemed to be including a mic

I didn't know that I'd be married to these tunes that I write

See in this thing you're in it from your start to your finish

Inspired by higher powers and my

poetic visuals

Words become material

my life's the subject

Erupting so I can build my own republic

I was twleve when I designed my manifesto

Came in a dream

from that night, there's been no rest, yo

I confess:

I had to grow the heart of a lioness

Progess like a vet while I'm applying it

I didn't choose to MC

I got assigned

Been seeded with a gene that has me fiending to rhyme

Hopping trains, planes and buses to take me on my next trip

Next time...the Mothership