Stand Together draws together a rich body of archival materials, dramatization and interviews to bring to life the gay and lesbian liberation movement in Ontario from the Federal Criminal Code Amendments in 1969 to the achievement of Human Rights protection on the basis of sexual orientation in Ontario in 1986. The documentary focuses on the Campaign to Amend the Ontario Human Rights Code led by the Coalition for Gay Rights in Ontario (later renamed the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario) while exploring opposition to gay and lesbian rights from police, politicians and fundamentalist religious groups. It is a story of justice denied and victories won, outrage and humour, celebration and humanity.

Stand Together is the first of two feature length documentaries on the history of the lesbian and gay rights movement in Canada. Director Nancy Nicol began work on the project in 1999. The second feature, currently in production examines the growth and increasing diversity of the movement and issues such as relationship recognition, health and workplace rights.   In addition to the two feature documentaries there is also an Oral History project currently in production, which will be housed at the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives. The Oral History project consists of all the unedited video interviews conducted by Nicol throughout the course of her research and production. There are some 60 hours of video interviews to date and work is on-going.

jspot: journal of social and political thought
issue 5: movement
Summer 2003
ISSN 1481 8 5842