for the little sistas

What can I say today
when asked to bring
right words to
bright minds
living on the brink of fast times
accessing a world over phone lines
Striving in a world of get mine
I ask myself today
what can I say...

What can I say to
today's millennial female
growing knowing the intimate details of
downloading on dot.coms
spitting the words to latest rap songs
Given a mission to trod over worlds beyond
in sneaks with fat knapsacks,
fly hairstyles and
it's on...

But what can I say...
When I see little women driven
with the skills to build
succeed with success
given the intuition to survive the stress
Walking with "heads high"
like a fly goddess
Not content to possess the
title of "weaker sex"
Not settling for less
Not taking 2nd best
Not giving away what's most precious
No con-test...

But what can I say?
to souls who probably already knew...
that for a brief moment in time
I wished it was me
that was you
Sitting here with my girls back in
Being given the tools to do what
I had to do
Told that I too could be
Beautiful and fruitful and
Able to have all I ever wanted to
That everythign that I ever believed about myself
would always come true --
That no one could distract me unless
I allowed them to
That I could
do for self
That I should
never fear to ask for help

That I was passion in the making and
deeper understanding
That I was born to be...

That I could wake up the world and say
A mi dis...
This is me
this is what my mother tried to show me I could be

But forget the coulda, shoulda, wouldas
Each day is a new reality
Gives me hope
Living's all the drama I need
Forget the soaps
Cause life's the mystery
and "We ain't going nowhere..."
We're making history --
Check the "Soul Sista Soul Sista"
Sheroes with old souls
and the power to bring life
to those who are
yet to be...

This is herstory
Discovering the glory that
glows like a fire this time
Divinely designed
What a precious thing to be
What a deep, deep

I know what I can say
to today's millennial females
growing knowing the
intimate details of
URLs, chat rooms and dot.coms
MP3s, videos,
DVDs and CD ROMs
Ladies born to know that they
got it going on...

That you are the continuation
of a vibe that's strong and
that you manifest a blessing
of a line that's long

That you can
Stay strong
Live strong
Think strong
Keep strong
That you can be
Gentle and strong
Humble and strong
Confident and strong
Human and strong

And despite all the tears that will come in your night
And despite those wrong moves that's gonna blurry your sight
Despite all these haters that make you wanna fight
Despite the times it's so hard to follow your first mind
and do what you know is right
When fools try to bite
and your pockets are tight
When you're running through the dark
and it feels like you'll never see the light

"Everything's gonna be alright
Everything's gonna be alright
Everything's gonna be alright, now..."

Truss me...
Don't worry if on the journey sometimes it gets a little dusty
"Cause if 1st you don't succeed..."

'Cause S is for Survival
T is for Trials
R is for the Road that we travel over the miles
O's for Opportunities to
open doors that knocking
N's for natural beauty and you know that we be flaunting
G's got it going on
Girl, you got it going on
Giving all we got and getting back
so we keep building on top
It don't stop
Worth more than a million
Like the bright moon and
shining sun
So Girl,
Stay strong.

When I was young I used to wonder what I'd do with my life:

How many babies would I mother?

Would I be someone's wife?

My mental vision always seemed to be including a mic

I didn't know that I'd be married to these tunes that I write

See in this thing you're in it from your start to your finish

Inspired by higher powers and my

poetic visuals

Words become material

my life's the subject

Erupting so I can build my own republic

I was twleve when I designed my manifesto

Came in a dream

from that night, there's been no rest, yo

I confess:

I had to grow the heart of a lioness

Progess like a vet while I'm applying it

I didn't choose to MC

I got assigned

Been seeded with a gene that has me fiending to rhyme

Hopping trains, planes and buses to take me on my next trip

Next time...the Mothership