Kathy Walker
York University

Michael S. Harper's "Here Where Coltrane Is" and Coltrane's "Alabama": The Social/Aesthetic Intersections of Civil Rights Movement Poetry 

Body Art Theatre, Brown-Winged Shoulders, Regions, Separation
Jeffrey L. Coleman 
St Mary's College of Maryland 

What Is Žižek So Afraid Of? Exemplification Against The Existential Hordes 
James Gifford
University of Alberta

The Movement of Testimony: Affliction in Blanchot and Antelme
Lars Iyer
University of Newcastle, Newcastle-upon -Tyne

Dreaming, Mourning, Working: The Role of Teleology in Early Twentieth Century Marxism
Kathy Walker
York University 

The Depoliticization of Politics: Pierre Bourdieu on Genoa
translated by Michael K. Palamarek 
York University 

Selections from "Stand Together" 
Nancy Nicol 
York University 

Selection from "Another World" 
David McNally
York University

Notes on Contributors

photo credit: Jen Hui Bon Hoa. "Lying"