From: on behalf of Denise Nevo


Sent: November 12, 2000 9:38 PM

To: CAUT Defence Fund Trustees

Subject: The MUNFA strike is over!


Fellow trustees,


The MUNFA strike is over! Today, Sunday November 12, at 5:30

pm, after 13 days on the picket lines under continuous rain,

MUNFA's president and the university's president signed the back-

to-work protocol.


I will let Bill Schrank or Angela Lonardo give you details in due time

about the settlement. I will simply say that the strike was very

successful, that it was superbly organized, that picket lines were

growing stronger every day, and that our MUNFA colleagues now

have a good collective agreement with real gain in money and

working conditions.


Congratulations to our MUNFA colleagues!


In solidarity,


Denise Nevo

Chair, CAUT Defence Fund



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