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GSOC ButtonGSOC-UAW is the union of graduate student employees at New York University. Graduate student employees are an invaluable resource to NYU. We teach, research, perform administrative work, and assist faculty. Tens of thousands of graduate employees across the United States are unionized, negotiating contracts that provide for fair pay, benefits, and non-discriminatory policies. Having formed a union with the UAW, we have the benefit of working with a strong progressive union that has experience working with university graduate employees and support staff as well as professional employees ranging from writers to archivists to lawyers.
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Our UnionOur Issues, Our Needs, Our Union

Graduate employees and students have pressing issues and needs. We face high rents, poor healthcare, low wages, and an uncertain future. We have listened to the concerns of thousands of graduate employees in every department, in every school, in every lab, in every classroom, in every office of the university.
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Following NYU's last-minute recognition, GSOC-UAW members cancelled the strike authorization vote at the general membership meeting on March 1 and voted instead to create a bargaining committee of twenty people. Sixteen members were nominated and elected to the committee at the same meeting
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From the Press

Unionizing the Ivory Tower

(Feed.com) To the chagrin of higher education officials, New York University now has a teaching-assistants union. It wasn't supposed to happen this way. Four months ago, the lines were drawn in the sand...
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NYU To Bargain with Grad Union: Agreement Averts Looming TA Strike

(Yale Daily News) Mere hours before a vote that could have authorized a teaching assistant strike at New York University began, NYU announced yesterday it will become the first private university in the country to bargain with a teaching assistant union.
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