CUPE 3903 Teaching and Graduate Assistants at York University
York Cupe Strike Satire page

Yufa York University Faculty Association

Douglas Ivison By Way of an Introduction "there need[s] to be more recognition of the differences (and similarities) between Canadian and American universities, and thus the context in which such issues need to be understood"
workplace a journal for academic labor
CGEU Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions "a loose-knit coalition of labor unions in the USA and Canada that represent graduate students employed as teachers, researchers and administrative staff."
CAUT - ACPPU Canadian Association of University Teachers
American Association of University Professors
American Federation of Teachers
Canadian Teachers' Federation
Radical Teacher "a socialist and feminist journal on the theory and practice of teaching"
Teachers for a Democratic Culture "Teachers for a Democratic Culture is a coalition of academics committed to preserving education as a force for social change and as a site of cultural pluralism."
SAWSJ Home Page Scholars, Artists & Writers for Social Justice organization in solidarity with the multicultural workers' movement
SAWSJ History and the Teach-In Movement

Addressing the Academy -- site developed by Ioan Davies' during the 1997 YUFA Strike:
"This Web-Page invites comments. It tries not only to deal with the York University strike itself, or the aftermath as it affects York standing alone, but with the York events as being the occasion for thinking about contested academia, intellectual identity, pedagogy, and cultural definition anywhere in the world where these issues are seen as being important. Because, as benjamin said. "the 'state of emergency' in which we live is not the exception but the rule", we have to recognize the ongoing state of emergency. "

Another bit of History:
Excalibur Publications 1998 CUPE strike averted