From: YUFA in solidarity with CUPE 3903 [YUFA-CUPE@YorkU.CA] on behalf

of Anthony Wallis [wallis@YorkU.CA]

Sent: October 27, 2000 4:45 AM


Subject: Fires, wood and barrels.


James Check wrote :


 > Anyone want to help them get fire barrels and firewood?  I've got

 > another backyard full of split maple that has been drying all Summer.


Great !  Delivering scrap lumber for the fire barrels was one of

contributions during the YUFA strike.  Fires will help with morale

when this current good picketing weather changes and "the witch

of November comes calling".  Hardwood would be much better than

scrap softwood lumber.  I no longer have a pick-up truck.  If no

other option, I would be willing to donate a day's rental and

driving of, what, a Ford F-150 or -250, from Save-On Rentals in

Richmond Hill, to the cause.  (But I cannot now do much lifting.)

Fire barrels ?  I recall a place along John St. in Thornhill that

used to sell used 40-gallons: you have to punch breather holes.


- Tony Wallis