From: SPT-L [SPT-L@YorkU.CA] on behalf of Ayesha Hameed


Sent: November 11, 2000 9:55 PM


Subject: Rainy Weather and Clothing


hi everybody,


its been really great to see how cool and cheerful prople have been in this

crappy weather.  on thursday night i went to a couple of other gates and

everyone was wet but in good spirits.  there were a few times on friday that i

could have cried like a baby from the cold, but i was kept from making an utter

fool of myself by the really brave and awesome people on the line who inspired

me with their tenacity and resurrection of the rocky theme.


but onto practical things.  i learned that you can stay warm if you don't let

wet get to you. cause you stay wet and the wind really zings it up. my roomate

mentioned that department stores like zellers sell plastic coveralls for about

10 bucks or so.  for anyone who hasnt been up friday or saturday, i STRONGLY

recommend you phone around and get a pair before you come up. i will go rooting

around for them and see if they are so cheap, and i will post something about

what i find. just remember wet jeans stay wet even when you're doing laundry.


cheers again to thin layers of plastic