From: YUFA in solidarity with CUPE 3903 [YUFA-CUPE@YorkU.CA] on behalf

of Louise Ripley [lripley@YorkU.CA]

Sent: October 31, 2000 5:25 PM


Subject: Re: crazed driverS (fwd)



We had a similar incident on Sentinel Road this afternoon, a guy in a black

SUV-type thing who came in through the exit lanes, swaggered out of his car

and moved a pylon aside, got back in his car, during which time several CUPE

people had placed themselves in front of his car and I had replaced the

pylon, and he then proceeded to drive at the guys until they had to drop

back, and drove over the pylon and in toward campus. He later returned to

the line, parked, and came out to talk to cars to tell them "his side." He

claimed to be a CUPE member himself, which brought cries of "shame! shame!"

from the CUPE picketers. Picket captains got his licence number and the

police came, but I'm never sure in a strike whether the police will really

be any help; surely they weren't at the Main gate with Joel's student. I

left my name as a witness.


An unsuccessful try at a run through the CUPE lines at Glendon earlier

today, by a woman this time, in another black SUV, who kept bumping her

vehicle against picketers. I was very touched in both instances because

picketers were so concerned for my dog, who accompanied me on my visit to

two lines today as a YUFA supporter. But not to worry, colleagues, you may

have noticed that I have my priorities straight -- I am always between my

dog and any threat!! At Glendon, I heard the picket captain say to the

driver, in a gentle voice, "you just can't drive that way around here; we

have people here; we have dogs here!" Marsha also had her beagle there!

Glendon CUPE had been joined today by representatives from the Post Office

union and these guys, along with CUPE picketers and supporters, forced the

woman to back out of the main Glendon entrance; they simply refused to allow

anyone so dangerous to enter the campus! Many cheers were raised!