From: news and announcements for members of CUPE local 3903

[3903NEWS@YorkU.CA] on behalf of Mark F. Hiller [mhiller@YorkU.CA]

Sent: October 1, 2000 8:37 PM




After refusing to meet with us for the last two weeks of August

and much of September, the offers that have come from the administration

have fallen short of even maintaining our current contract, let alone

offering any meaningful improvements.  At the September 27th GMM a strike

vote was called as a response to these tactics.  As the past few rounds of

bargaining have shown, it is often only after the membership sends a

message in the form of a strong strike vote that the administration has

begun to move.  Only our willingness to support a strike, and our

willingness to carry it out if necessary, has enabled us to make the

progress we have.  Now is the time to defend and continue that progress!


A special Strike Vote GMM has been called for Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 4:30 in the

Senate Chamber. There also will be a Strike Vote GMM at Glendon the same

day at 12:00 in York Hall, B211. Voting will continue until Friday, Oct. 13 in Vari

Link and, at Glendon, outside the cafeteria. Exact times will be confirmed shortly.




Mark Hiller

Chief Steward, Unit 1




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